Friday, February 3, 2012

Felt Heart Headband

This next project is so easy and adorable, you could make one for every little girl you know!  If you've been with me for awhile, you'll remember the felt  flower crown I made for Halloween.  MJ loved it, and still plays with it, so I thought I'd make her one for Valentine's as well.  Like I said - it's super easy - get ready to have your mind blown! Or not. :-)

Start out with 2 "sheets" of felt in any colors you like.  You will cut out 4 hearts in each color, each heart smaller than the one before it.  To get a symmetrical heart, fold the felt over and cut out a half heart, like below.

When you are done, layer the hearts on top of each other, matching up like sizes.  You can pin them together if you'd like, but I just kept them loose.

Measure a length of ribbon to fit around your little girl's (or yourself!!) head.  Place the largest heart at the middle of the ribbon and straight stitch right down the middle.

Repeat, repeat, repeat.  If you pinned them all together, just sew one stitch right down the middle, stopping at the point of the last heart.  If not, continue to layer the hearts and sew down the middle.
That's it! Trim your thread tails and then admire how clever you are. :-) 
Mom, I love it! 

Now she's ready to festivate!  The possibilities on this are endless - any shape, size, or color you could think of would be cute.  I even thought about doing an ombre but didn't have all the colors I needed.  What do you think?  Would your little girl love to wear this to a Valentine's party?

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  1. That is adorable! I think I will totally make one for my daughter for Valentine's Day! It will probably only stay on long enough for a picture, but it's worth a try :)

    1. Yeah, MJ wore it for about 20 minutes - then I found it on the floor. :)


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